Sexy Sauna & Bathhouse


The idea of a communal sauna or bathhouse is nothing new. And when one is talking about the all male cruisey kind, well, that isn’t anything new either. All across North America one can find these sweaty realms of cleanliness combined with a special kind of dirt. In the women’s community, the practice of communal grooming is also not unusual, but it is unusual for it to include public sexuality. This annual event is one of barely a handful in all of Canada profiled by Outlooks in 2009.

When’s the next one? I’m glad you asked! It’s happening on April 21st, 2012.

8th Annual Sexy Sauna & Kinky BathHouse
for Women and TransFolk

(incidentally celebrating Kona and Elaine’s birthdays too)

Saturday, April 21st, 2012
7:30 – late that night
Hastings Steam & Sauna
766 East Hastings, Vancouver

$20 at the door

2 sauna rooms
& 2 shower rooms
& video area (queer porn!)
& lockers & six semi-private cots,

free snacks & free non-alc drinks
& byo towel & sandals
& toys & safe sex gear

anything consensual+sanitary goes
& you don’t haveta if you don’t wanna
& we don’t care what you wear!

NOTE: we reserve the right to refuse admittance


It’s time to gather your towel and sandals and come bust a sweat with us as we celebrate the springiness of Spring!. Come naked, nude, wrapped in a towel, wearing your swimsuit, jean shorts and Tshirt, or rubber bondage gear! (eg. We don’t care what you wear.) If the last few years are any measure, expect there to be plenty of hot times, and lots of hawt women of all shapes, all sizes, all colours and sexual orientations.

We’ve rented over 2000 square feet of privacy for us all to sweat, play, shower, fuck, talk, and laugh. The space contains a video area (who’s got great dyke porn?), 25 lockers, two large dry saunas (hot and hotter), two large shower rooms (ever eat melon in a shower?), and 6 semi-private areas with cots.

Do it clean and sweaty, or make it mild to wild – there’s lots of room and anything goes! This ain’t no ladies spa though. It’s grotty and rugged and perfect! Flip flops, sandals, combat boots or other footwear encouraged. Don’t forget your towel (and maybe some old sheets if you think you’ll need ‘em for back-up)!


This space is, unfortunately, not wheelchair accessible. Entry to the building is at street level. The event takes place in the basement down a long, narrow set of stairs.


This is a semi-private event (we retain the right to refuse guests). Space is limited to 60 guests so get there early to avoid disappointment!
We’re covering our costs for the space rental, free beverages and free snacks by selling tickets — $20 per person at the door while they last.
where:: Hastings Steam & Sauna – 766 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC
tickets:: Tickets will be sold at the door for $20
Bring your own towel and sandals

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  1. Sounds like fun. I have much interest in attending. I am a bit nervous but I would very much like to attend as this would be my first time ever attending such an event. Any suggestions for me?


    • Most of the suggestions I have are included in the description of the event. In addition, I would suggest that you bring a friend or two with you to increase your comfort level. Know that folks do all kinds of things. One year a group of about five women did facial masks and peels all night. Another year, a woman offered free massages to folks. This year a guest has threatened to bring a banjo! Generally, folks are friendly and open to conversation. Some are open to connecting beyond that. You can always come find me or co-host Elaine and introduce yourself with birthday greetings! We’re happy in turn to introduce you to others! Does that begin to answer your question? See you Saturday!

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