!Kona is a dominant known as as both the Nubian Imp and the Tormentrix. She hails originally from Edmonton, and has been kicking around the public BDSM scene in Vancouver since the late 90’s. Her first public play party in the city was at Studio Q; do you remember that space? Since then she has inflicted her booming laugh on conferences and dungeons in British Columbia, Alberta, the PNW and even the Eastern United States. One day she will take it overseas.

In addition to working to organize events with the deviant dykes operating as Canadian Mayhem (formerly Bride of Pride), !Kona has been the host of Vancouver’s only women’s bathhouse night since 1995 which celebrating her birthday and those of other local Leatherdykes who Aries too.  She is also the instigator of the D/s Discussion/salons; a conversation focusing on inter-personal power dynamics, and that features her D/sM/s library of over 50 books.

Considered a heavy top, she would rather harass a psyche than a hide – except for when she wouldn’t. !Kona loves blushing, sweating, squirming, stammering butches willing to acquiesce to her particular style of dominance, and can “jizz in [her] pants” when smart is spoken directly into her cunt. She will always answer when called Ma’am and is referred to by many (in a non-play sense) as Mama. Some folks consider her scary or intimidating, but those folks don’t know her well or have been her prey.

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  1. Hello Lady !Kona –

    Looking for the form on the host page to sign up for the D/s salons. Is this comments form one and the same?



    • Good question! That form got eaten in the site redesign. Thank you for tipping me to the oversight.

      To find out what’s coming up next (as well as reserve seats, enroll in classes and purchase tickets to NubianImp events) please check out this link: http://nubianimp.eventbrite.ca/

      Lady !Kona

  2. Hello Lady Kona,

    I have followed your blog recently as we have may have a few things in common. Sure you may run bath house events for women only. I do but as the event allows single men in (usually it’s more for couples and single ladies and one day of the month separate for Women and Trans night only). If you ever come out to Toronto on a visit, love to chat and pick your brain. I shall be returning to Vancouver for a week in June.


    • It’s more of a cobweb than a blog at this point! But I appreciate you taking the time to write. The next event here in Vancouver will be on April 21/12. When you come in June, please give me a tap. It would be lovely to connect and to talk!

      Lady !Kona

  3. Life is like a box of chocolates, once you have one you can’t stop.

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