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Nov 032012

Efforts have been made to help students have a comfortable experience aimed at maximizing their capacity to be fully present while learning and sharing.

Below is a list of considerations. If you have comments, questions, suggestions or concerns, please use the comment section below. We will do what we can for this event and keep it in mind for the future!

In no particular order:

  • Use of a venue that has been positively audited in 2011 by Vancouver’s Radical Accessibility Mapping Project (RAMP). We are confident that this venue meets minimum needs for physical accessibility. View detailed information. NOTE: The audit was kindly performed by a community member using the available template which is now outdated. It is in need of a major overhaul/update to the new template, which makes it easier to read, covers significantly more access points, and is accompanied by an overview for easier digestion of all the data. This requires performing a new audit, which is in future works! Those noticing anything in particular about the space that you think needs attention or which you did not see reflected in the audit,email rampvancouver(at)gmail(dot)com so that it can be sorted as soon as RAMP is able.
  • A dedicated Guest Services staff member will be available at all times to provide information about the event and the City. 
  • Arranging the room classroom style so that persons have tables to use when shifting weight, sitting/rising and a stable surface for writing
  • High top tables near the back (and possibly the sides near the front) for people to have an alternate position location that is also a stable writing surface
  • Plans for “play boxes” at each table for people who are kinesthetic learners. Including: coloured pencils, random tiny toys and fiddley things… and a bit of lego! Suggestions around executing this of particular interest.
  • A puzzle/lego table for folks who need a focussed personsal activity to help with social anxiety.
  • Considerations around specific food allergies (strawberries, shellfish), gluten intolerances and vegetarianism. Recently, lactose and nightshade have been added to this list. Attendees for the full weekend will be polled for a final list in order to accomodate their three-day food needs as much as possible. 
  • Large print handouts from the presenters
  • A wall schedule for those who may have difficulty with the one printed in the Intensive brochure.
  • Access to a hotel room (via the Guest Services volunteer) for those who need to remove themselves from the space or might need to rest.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast and breaktime snacks to ensure participants are well hydrated and blood sugars are as level as possible.
  • The addition of a low-cost evening event (Radical Relationships – An evening with Lee Harrington & Mollena Williamsthat will allow those with limited funds or time to connect with community and learn.

I regret that it is not possible for me to hire sign language interpreters, or to avoid the use of the Atrium which has hard surfaces that may pose difficulties with aural processing.

Nov 032012


NubianImp Projects and Metro Vancouver Kink (“MVK”) have joined forces to produce an elegant evening of food, and education by two of North America’s finest presenters.

Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams will be joining the participants of the 3rd Annual Vancouver D/s Intensive with Master Skip Chasey and slave Rick as part of their WhistleStop Tour for their “ground breaking” book Playing Well with Others.

Following a buffet dinner, with option for vegetarians and those with gluten considerations, Mollena and Lee will guide guests through a special panel discusson designed to complement the weekend’s events, their themes of community building. At the end of the evening guests may stay and mingle or go play at the Rascals-Club dungeon party.

  • Date: Saturday, November 17
  • Location: Holiday Inn Express Atrium
  • Dinner: 7:00pm
  • Presentation: 8:00pm
  • Cost: $30 for buffet dinner and the presentation. Presentation is FREE for attendees of the full weekend however the price of dinner is NOT included.

Attendees are encouraged to dress their best in leather. Attendance for the full weekend is encouraged but not necessary.

Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams, Playing Well with Others, NubianImp Projects



Mollena and Lee invite you to join them in a dialogue around the experience and place of practitioners living Master/Slave and Power Exchange within a wider community context.

As individuals both passionate about dominance and submission, they have experienced challenges from a variety of sides – from the world at large, from within the broader kink community, and from others pursuing power exchange relationships as well. Let us explore the myths around our communities, and discuss some of the issues we face as we strive to build a better future for those of us engaging in radical relationship structures.

Oct 302012

Skip Chasey, a/k/a Master Skip, heads a family of spiritually grounded leatherfolk in the City of Angels, where he is a practicing spiritual director and certified Grief Recovery ™ counselor and also earns a living as a missionary among the savages of Hollywood. As an out and proud leatherman, Master Skip addressed a crowd of nearly one million people at the Millennium March on Washington, and since then he has given ten keynote addresses and presented over 200 programs on the spiritual dynamics of SM and D/s relationships at noteworthy leather events throughout the US and Canada.

From 2001-2007 Master Skip was a core instructor for the Butchmanns Experience, a periodic weekend retreat that offers opportunities for profound personal growth to leathermen and women of all sexual orientations and identities. He is a co-founder of People of Leather Among You (“PLAY”), a social and educational group for Southern California men and women interested in the integration of spirituality and leather/fetish sexuality, and for six years he was a co-producer of Southwest Leather Conference, “The Leather Family Gathering of Heart and Spirit.” Master Skip presently serves on the Theologies Team for Metropolitan Community Churches and on the board of directors for Butchmanns, Inc., a non-profit educational organization dedicated to self-actualization through the mindful use of physical practices and the conscious exchange of personal power for spiritual awareness.

Master Skip and his pup Tim are the subjects of the award-winning documentary film “Pup” and have been profiled in “” magazine and “Power Exchange” magazine; he and his slave Rick are two of the subjects of “Ask the Man Who Owns him”, a book about gay male Master/slave relationships that received the NLA’s 2010 non-fiction literary award. He is a past recipient of the Lee Montague Memorial Award for Outstanding Community Service from Avatar Club Los Angeles, was named “Best Trainer” at the 2002 International Puppy Contest, received the 2005 Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Award and was honored with the Master Heart Award at the 2008 Master/slave Conference.

In his own words, “Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.”

= = = = = = = =

slave Rick expanded his practice as a licensed psychotherapist within the BDSM community in 2009 ( after retiring from a 30-year career with the Federal government. In addition to assisting his clients in achieving more satisfying lives, he seeks to raise consciousness within the therapeutic community by depathologizing BDSM in order that “vanilla” psychotherapists might more effectively work with their own kinky clients.

Aside from his work as a psychotherapist, slave Rick is a part-time college instructor, a massage therapist and a retired Science of Mind practitioner. During the past decade he has presented programs on the spiritual dynamics of M/s and D/s relationships at dozens of conferences and leather events throughout North America. In 2010 he gave the endnote address at Southwest Leather Conference, and he delivered the keynote address at Leather Reign in 2011.

In 2008 slave Rick was honored to receive both the Southwest Leather Conference “Leatherman’s Heart Award” and the “slave Heart Award” at the Master/slave Conference. More recently, he was proud to participate as one of the subjects of “Ask the Man Who Owns him”, a book on gay male M/s relationships by david stein that received the 2010 Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Literary Award from the National Leather Association. In 2011 slave Rick self-published “The Guppy and the Willow”, an adult fable in the guise of a children’s story that encourages each of us to remove the many masks that keep us from being real.

First and foremost, however, he is by Grace in service to his beloved Master.

Oct 302012

Leather: Heart, Spirit & Mind

A Weekend with Master Skip Chasey & slave Rick
November 16-18, 2012 – Vancouver, BC
The 3rd Annual NubianImp D/s Intensive Weekend


Enrollment is LIMITED to 60 people including support staff. To help ensure the highest quality experience for all, no single session or day passes will be available. Please make a point of attending every bit of the weekend that you can. You’ll make the most of the weekend, and so will each of the other attendees.

Priority will be given to students from previous D/s Weekend Intensives, and past attendees of the D/s Discussion/salons. Past or present experience with power relationships is strongly recommended for all registrants.

Oct 302012



Fees from enrollment go to travel, accommodations, per diems and fees to the presenters, as well as venue rental, hospitality and volunteer appreciation. Remaining proceeds, if any, will support future D/s Discussion/salons, the next D/s Weekend Intensive and the 2013 season of educational workshops.

Talk about it: on facebook : on fetlife

Oct 302012

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver
2889 East Hastings Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia V5K 2A1

Individual reservations can be made by contacting the hotel directly at 604-254-1000 or Toll-Free at 1-888-428-7486.
IHG Central Reservations office at 1-800-HOLIDAY (1-800-465-4329).

Booking code: KLR

NubianImp’s rates:  Deluxe rooms $102.00 single/double occupancy

  • $ 15.00 Additional adult in room
  • All rates are subject to HST of 12% and Hotel Tax of 2% (subject to change).
  • Rates will be made available to attendees three nights prior and three nights after the meeting for those wishing to extend their stay. (Based upon availability)
  • Cots are charged at a rate of $15.00 per night
  • Rates include our Hot Express Start Breakfast
  • Complimentary parking, based on availability.
Oct 302012


Friday evening, November 16th – The Heart

Focusing on the role of love in M/s-D/s relationships and how it transforms dominance & submission into mutual devotion & surrender.

6:30pm — Doors open for registration
7:00pm — Intention setting
8:15pm — “D/s Alchemy” (Master Skip & slave rick)
10:00pm — Close for the evening

Saturday, November 17th – The Spirit

Focusing on some of the psycho-spiritual dynamics that underlie healthy and successful D/s relationships.

9:30am — Continental breakfast and sign-in
10:00am — Begin the day
10:15 — “Refining Fire” (Master Skip)
11:45am — lunch break
12:45pm — “Shadow Tango” (slave Rick)
2:30pm — “The Servant Master” (Master Skip)
4pm — Related group ritual
5:oopm — Group check-in & closing comments:
5:30pm — Close of daytime events

Saturday Evening, November 17th

7:00pm — Candlelit dinner with Skip, Rick, Lee & Mollena
7:45pm — Reading/Presentation and Book Signing by Mollena & Lee
9:00pm — Off to the play party for those who want to go

Sunday, November 18th – Triage

Identifying and focusing on how best to work through three exceptionally challenging relationship issues that tend to cause far greater damage in D/s relationships than in vanilla relationships.

9:30am — Continental breakfast and sign-in
10:00am — Begin the day
10:15 — “Transparent D/s” (Master Skip)
11:45am — lunch break
12:45pm — “The Absentee Master” (slave Rick)
2:30pm — “Finishing Touches” (Master Skip)
4:15pm — Satsang – Reports and Q & A session (Master Skip & slave Rick)
5:oopm — Talk/Closing Comments (Master Skip)
5:30pm — Close of events


Session Descriptions

Transforming Dominance & Submission Into Devotion & Surrender

For many years there has been an ongoing debate in our community as to whether or not it’s necessary—or even appropriate—for love to be a part of a Master/slave relationship. This debate continues because, even though our lives are spent continually searching for love, our understanding of what love is has been so culturally diminished that today mere romance and sentimentalism pass for love and that type of “love” undermines a D/s dynamic. Paradoxically, when the Master’s and slave’s inner journey results in the transmutation of the D/s dynamic, their search for love at long last ends and their relationship is strengthened. In this exceptionally personal presentation Master Skip and slave Rick will open an intimate window into the dynamics of their own relationship and reveal how, when a Master and slave are willing to venture beyond the illusory boundaries of identity and ego, love is discovered to be not a feeling but the very essence of one’s true nature.

to the top

The Role of SM in Master/slave Relationships

While engaging in SM is not a prerequisite for a Master/slave relationship, the judicious incorporation of SM into the relationship can be a powerful tool for the growth of both the slave and the Master alike. However, contrary to the stereotype SM need not—and in most cases should not—be used as a form of punishment. What, then, must be a Master’s primary intention for using SM in this context? Which SM practices have the greatest potential for deepening a slave’s submission and obedience? How does “safe, sane and consensual” factor into the equation? Join Master Skip as he examines the many opportunities and challenges that arise when, in consensual Mastery and slavery, SM shifts from being a radical sexual practice to a legitimate developmental practice.

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The Soul Dance of Master and slave

A Master/slave relationship is a dance of souls, each drawing the other into a ferocious embrace that facilitates healing, growth and ultimately egoic surrender in both the Master and the slave.

In this interactive presentation you are invited to dialogue with slave Rick as he shares some thought provoking realizations derived from his 12+ year relationship with his Master, and from his experiences as a practicing psychotherapist within the BDSM community ( that will assist you in recognizing the enticing rhythms of your own particular D/s dance.

to the top

From Control to Compassion

The archetype of the Servant Master is found in every major spiritual tradition, from the shamanic Native American medicine man who acts as the conduit between the tribe and the spirits of its ancestors, to Buddhist bodhisattvas who postpone their entrance into Nirvana in order to facilitate the enlightenment of others, to Jesus’ Last Supper revelation that, “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave to all.” This profound and paradoxical teaching provokes a challenging question to those who claim the dominant role in a D/s relationship: “How am I called to be of service to those who serve me?” Join Master Skip as he shares his insights into what it means to be a Servant Master and the alchemy that transforms dominance and submission into devotion and surrender.

(This presentation, which is appropriate for both Dominants and submissives, will conclude with the audience participating in a moving, sacred ritual. A short break will be taken prior to the ritual to allow those who do not wish to participate to take their leave. Once the door to the meeting room has been closed, no one will be permitted to enter until the ritual has concluded.)

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From Projection to Reflection

Because, as the Talmud teaches, “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are,” relationships of all types are often rife with projection. If such projection goes unrecognized and unaddressed, then alienation, isolation and, ultimately, dissolution of the relationship is the result. In the case of an D/s relationship, the submissive projects his or her ideas, feelings and attitudes regarding authority figures onto the Dominant, and if that projection includes anger, fear, blame or guilt, the toll it takes on both the relationship and the Dominant’s self-esteem can be tremendous. In this enlightening presentation Master Skip will explore the underlying psycho-spiritual dynamics that make it possible for a Dominant to stand in the middle of a submissive’s projection without moving, neither accepting the projection nor rejecting it and, in doing so, facilitate the submissive’s awareness of the projection, the Dominant’s strengthened sense of competency and the realization of the true nature of the relationship for them both.

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What to Do When Life Gets in the Way of Your D/s Relationship

In fantasy, the Master is all-powerful, in control of every situation and always on top of things, particularly when it comes to the slave. But life happens, and the reality is that Masters are human and can find themselves distracted, despondent and even depressed when facing such major life challenges as serious illness, the death of a loved one or the loss of a job. During these times it may be all but impossible for the Master to provide the level of dominance and control to which the slave is accustomed and, as a result, the slave may find it equally difficult to refrain from complaining and to not feel resentful when they perceive that their needs are going unmet.

But it needn’t be such a dire state of affairs! Join slave Rick, a practicing psychotherapist within the BDSM community (, as he shares, with his Master’s support and encouragement, the insights he has gleaned from a similar set of circumstances in their own M/s relationship. Allow the wisdom born of his experience to better prepare you for navigating these rough waters yourself. Most importantly, discover how such trials and tribulations can be an opportunity for the slave to step up and provide a level of service to the Master that goes far beyond doing the laundry.

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What To Do When Your M/s Relationship Is Not Enough

When it comes to relationships, each of us has specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It’s widely understood that someone in a more conventional relationship will likely be incapable of meeting the totality of their partner’s needs, and one can only guess as to how much more that applies to those who engage in esoteric relationships rooted in consensual dominance and submission. What do you do if your Master/slave relationship doesn’t satisfy all of your needs? How can adjustments and accommodations be made without damaging the relationship or threatening the individuals who comprise it? Who initiates the changes, and who does the adjusting and accommodating? In what promises to be a highly charged discussion, Master Skip and slave Rick will candidly share examples from their own 12-year relationship as they examine this sensitive subject. Come discover how acknowledging what’s missing in your life need not pose a threat to your M/s relationship, and why restructuring the relationship so that your needs or the needs of your Master or slave can be fully or better met has the potential to strengthen the D/s dynamic between you.

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  • BOO to the Space channel for showing the Dr. Who Christmas episodes when summer has *just* arrived… Back to studying hemorrages. #
  • Learning about gross fractures while hung over from Martin Monday is brutal. I'm sure I'm sweating vodka… #
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  • RT @mashable Google Will Cover LGBT Partner Health Benefits #benefits #domestic-partner #gay #
  • OK… Blueberry pancakes are on. Who's bringing the bacon/ sausage? Call me! #
  • Why do we believe people who, in the heat of the moment shout the first dumb crap that comes into their heads? (Note: not my life) #
  • Question for the SM crowd: we speak of adrenaline and endorphines. Aldous Huxley (yes him) adds histimines to the list. Comments? #
  • Folks at work today were talking about how full dishwashers save more water than hand washing (an equivalent amount) True? #
  • **pout** Martini Monday cancelled for unavoidable reasons. guess I can finish off this blueberry vodka on my own… #
  • What the coming .xxx domain means—and what you can expect: (via @wired) #
  • People often talk about going back in time with the same wisdom. I like where I'm at now. Can I have the wisdom of my 80's? #
  • Mike Rowe's Dirtiest Jobs: reminding me what a spoiled, whimpering, self important, blindly privaleged, overpaid soft, human I am. #
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  • Having a hard time feeling social today (especially with all the air traffic – WTF?!) but the sounds of EastSide Pride lure me… #
  • Mama loves a party and weddings are some of the best. Everyone committed to civility & goodtimes. Bravo moms who grow the hosts! #
  • Sociaal media helps handle tragedy: Clint Wright of the VanAquarium speaks about the death of baby Nala – #
  • = TheatreSports + South Asian cast content. Cultural humour is SO specific! #as2010 #
  • What a day… There were some excellent things! Do so much conferencing that this is a welcome comparison. Truth to power. #as2010 #
  • Unbelievable… No offical hash tag and no wifi for the Arts Summit 2010''' #
  • I remember why I love my butch's truck and hate public transpo… The guy picking his zits and eating whatever-the-fuck he finds. #
  • Gog on the skytrain tracks. They're shooing it off. Not a great start to my VanArtsSummit day, but I have a large Tim Horton's #
  • OK… My own chocolate bar designed by me? Must have gummies in it. Yup. Must have… #
  • Still giving: BP continues sponsorship of cultural institutions in Britain despite the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. #
  • Looking forward to the Vancouver Arts Summit 2010 this coming Thurs/Fri Will live tweet as much as possible. #
  • No wonder people are so tired. Do I really have passwords to over 100 online sites? Fuckers. Need a clearing house… #
  • She has known me longer than any woman except my mother; 25+ yrs Our paths cross, separate, travel together; repeat. I am blessed. #

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  • Granville Island limited edition Ginger Beer… Delicious. Want pizza… #
  • The bubuzela – so at what point is something a "legitimate" part of culture? Pervasivness? Longevity? Regularity? Languaging? #
  • BC Aboriginal Business Awards deadline September 15, 2010. More information: #
  • Note to self: if a 3rd bottle of booze gets cracked & its loud enough to disturb neighbours, drink extra water; eat extra pills #
  • And now… A femme fashion show. Modelling by Kricket, costume gifts by Susan. Add too many martinis, a camera and chocolate? LAWD #
  • Steak action, corn, potatoes, salads, strawberries, four kinds of chocolate, 8 lovely people and 4 kinds of martinis. Love family. #
  • *grinz* You fucking BITCH! Mama wants her salmon jerky back! I'm SO on Mel's side for the cat smack-down! Watchmen CD hostage! #
  • Never fails to amaze me that even when there is a torrential down pour… there are still dry places to be found under trees. #
  • Walking in the rain and lame-assed thunder/lightening. I figure 10mins until i'm holding a martini… #
  • Leaving the office for Monday Night Martinis! Can I say how nice it is to have a previous guest play host AND add other guests? #
  • OMG.. Double my pension contributions? By the time I get there I doubt there will be $$. #
  • Hate attacks against gays spike in 2008: StatsCan: ****mmmmmrrrrrrr***** #
  • HELL NO!! Apple's Gay Culture Bans Don't Make it 'Moral' or 'Pure' WTF Apple? Flash, now this? You used to be my hero. #
  • I thought… Who's that glorious chunk of woman riding her bike in a polka dot dress? Well who else? as it turns our but Tara! #
  • No matter what I tell myself, the facy is that the Butch loves me like no one else. #

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  • What am I? Crazy? Wearing full leather on a beautiful Vancouver evening… Ah we'll… All for a good cause. #
  • Mr. Leather Vancouver hosts a silent auction at Pumpjack tonight. Bidding 5-7pm then announcement. What shall we do afterwards? #
  • First Nations TV series Tiga Talk! is looking for a First Nations or Metis dentist or dental hygienist. Contact: #
  • The Alliance for Arts and Culture presents "Arts Summit 2010" June 24/25 in Vancouver, BC GO TO THIS. More information: #
  • REMINDER! Deadline for The Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards is June 30th, 2010. Details: #
  • IdeaCity Toronto is full of queers artists & smart folk Anyone want to go in on a webcast package? #
  • Deadline for nomination & application to the various NB Foundation for the Arts awards & scholarships is approaching. #
  • Huh. A gay Macdonalds ad from France Continues to amaze that North Americans don't see this stuff #
  • Perhaps the BP spill and other corporate/government outrages can be explained away by this? Brain autopsy studies needed. #
  • That's it folks! Hope you managed to survive my prolific tweeting of the Naked Truth Adult Entertainment awards. #NTAEA #
  • Aiden Saint Mr. Vancouver XXX. Where's he been? Reading poetry about smoking, and trucking and sex. A poet. Huh. Who new? #NTAEA #
  • Yay! Sinful Sindy Doing the Las Vegas pole dance number she received an award for! Artists & pros make it look effortless #NTAEA #
  • Really? Favorite Pussy Squirter… You should hear her creds! 6ft? 35 times? She does Bar Mitzvahs too? Ms Scream Go girl! #NTAEA #
  • Aaaannnd Good Dyke Porn wins for Performer's Choice! Second award of the night with entourage on stage. Hopefully pics in Xtra! #
  • New to me… VORE. Where folks can't get off unless they feel/know that yer eating them – like FOOD! #NTAEA #
  • Love the videos but perhaps Bren can give them some editing love next year… The Exotic Dance category has AMAZING people! #NTAEA #
  • Charlie: favorite female floor show. Quote of the NIGHT! "…thanks for making me your favorite Pole-swinging Hole-show-er…" #
  • So glad I'm not in the front row. A little "spank me pls" to the folks in the front row (reddens fast!) and facial grinding #NTAEA #
  • Male stripper dancing to Black Eyed Peas (love).. Wait.. Tan line? Ginch Gonch in pale orange, day glo thong! . Pole, oil. # NTAEA #
  • Media awards to Spread Magazine (LOVE!),,, and the blog #NTAEA #
  • Wow.. Favorite adult website goes to our own GoodDyke Porn! On stage with a couple of actors. Not saying anything about the speech #
  • Note to self: Favorite shoes & boots… Pleaser wonder if they have any practical Femme Dyke shoes.. #NTAEA #
  • Bren, Mel, Andraya & myself got great third row seats for the fabulous floor show. Believe it or not I'm not tweeting all #NTAEA #
  • You gotta love the huge pink fans she uses to tease the audience. Pouring a bottle of champagne on herself on a spinning platform! #
  • More Burlesque! It's Andra! Vancouver's Diamond Minx! I think she's vagjazzled! Pretty pink and sparkly all over. Beautiful #NTAEA #
  • Not a shrapnel award show. But the plaques look like they are pretty nice. SO glad I'm not going up to collect. Mercilous MC! #
  • Stephanie Seymour of Body Cages wins for best costumer. I need to google that! Her stuff looks great! #
  • Love that there are videos for each recipient. Makes the evening move along. Bryan Ward recipient for best photographer! #
  • Now for the Industry coworker awards! Includes hairdresser. Zoe from Zoho's on Commercial Drive! Post dumpster sex hair. #NTAEA #
  • Jaylee Tyme (Justine's progeny?) is going to perform! Vancouver's (Dogwood Monarch Society) crowned Princess. #NTAEA #
  • Wow.. Really vivid descriptions of "fluffing" by the MC.. GOOD LORD. Apparently guys fucking strippers only have 4minutes!? #NTAEA #
  • An Advocate Organization nod to WISH for the MapVan project. "the most strong powerful women are my clients" 9 ppl onstage #NTAEA #
  • Favorite Academic Advocate (from Abbotsford!) Tamara O'Doherty! Thanked her husband & acknowledged that she an "outsider" #NTAEA #
  • LOL! The MC just jammed the podium light into her cleavage to announce Esther Shannon – Favorite Feminist Advocate. Elder butch! #
  • Audience is loosing their minds shouting out to Collen Ford – Favorite Support Worker. She accepted with her daughter! #NYTAEA #
  • Award to Ryann Rain of Stilletto Storm Productions for favorite Industry Innovator. #NTAEA #
  • And the award for Innovators, Advocates and Support Workers – Miss Susan Davis #NTAEA #
  • An homage to being on Native land? Bob and Doug's "Take Off", Canadian flags on inside of the corset, Anne Murray's "Snowbird"… #
  • At the Naked Truth Adult Entertainment Awards… Taking the stage: Miss Burgundy Brix… Doing a stripping Inushtuk???? #
  • NO! NO! NO! Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. There has to be a better way. #
  • Deadline for nomination & application to the various NB Foundation for the Arts awards & scholarships is approaching. #
  • If humankind is to be judged by events like the spill, then perhaps the animal care reponse will also be taken into account. #
  • So.. If I take lots of ibuprohen and painkillers BEFORE I put on the bitching come-fuck-me shoes for the night… Will it save me? #
  • Watching Edward Norton (the actor) talk live about "" a social fundraising tool. F*ck he's sexy when he talks smart. #
  • The Adult Entertainment Awards are tomorrow! Good Dyke Porn is getting a couple. Who else? I'll be there. Are you planning to go? #
  • Queer family… I miss you… #

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Jun 062010
  • "The Drop" public art, Olympic caldron, gastown, and now Chill Winston… Oh the poor waiter. He doesn't care about her digestion. #
  • Standing at Canada Place with mom palying tourist; watching cruie ships; seals in the harbour…. And float planes land and leave. #
  • Touring via skytrain with my mother means realizing how much I know and do not know about my city and region. #
  • An evening of theology and metaphysics with my mother.. Why do I verbally joust with a woman holding a doctorate of Divinity? #
  • Off toi the Penny with The Butch's mom and my mom. So far so good. A calorie will hopefully make it even better! #
  • Tonight is sleep three with the butch's mom visiting. Tmrw my mom arrives for five days and they meet for the first time. GAH. #
  • Looks like Washington State loves it's queers! #
  • Good lord. Late nights, early mornings all so I can take time off to enjoy mom's visit. Reward? Overflowing e/voicemail, and inbox on return #

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May 302010
  • Downtown Vannie just west of Main. What's going on? Event? Protest? Construction? *sigh* will get to the art store soon… #
  • Coming to place of peace about my nipples' life long goal to someday meet my belly button. May their travels be frought with woe. #
  • Don't forget about Masturbation Month ending this weekend! And the Masturbate-a-Thon! RT @hotmovies4her #
  • Don't forget about Masturbation Month ending this weekend! And the Masturbate-a-Thon! RT@hotmovies4her #
  • Down at SEFC getting up close and personal with Vannie's latest public art addition: "The Birds". Each "25ft tall. #
  • BP Oil does livefeed of their TopKill efforts Meanwhile Fake BP Public Relations Twitter Account a Viral Hit @BPGlobalPR #
  • Lost the entire manuscripts to my novel. *breathe* Still have notes and research so that's something. Not as bad as when my home burned down #
  • F*cking spammers and phishers are breaking the internet… #
  • Canadian film aficianados! Are you hooked up to the Hollywood North Report? #
  • NEWS – MRSA Showing up on Westcoast Beaches – Oil spills and now this. What's the future of our aquatic food? #
  • Why do I tryyyyyyyy???? *grinz* #
  • Back from s set. Mission is faaaar! No time for hellos Johanna… Nap before Martini Monday methinks… Diva's Den reports anyone? #
  • Interesting set. Clear cultural and artistic differences from what Vannies casts and crews know. I am humbled and feel blessed. #
  • Greeeaat… Racism on set. "I really can't be part of this conversation. No. Really. I don't do racist talk". Damn. #
  • I'm beginning to understand why "successful" people are often assholes: there is so little time to achieve their purposes… #
  • On set tmrw shooting the Japanese vampire movie. 8:30am in Mission. No Diva's Den for me tonight. Have fun all, and report back! #
  • Ah Kilgor Trout. Perhaps I just needed to age in order to appreciate your utterings… #

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May 302010
  • Downtown Vannie just west of Main. What's going on? Event? Protest? Construction? *sigh* will get to the art store soon… #
  • Coming to place of peace about my nipples' life long goal to someday meet my belly button. May their travels be frought with woe. #
  • Don't forget about Masturbation Month ending this weekend! And the Masturbate-a-Thon! RT @hotmovies4her #
  • Don't forget about Masturbation Month ending this weekend! And the Masturbate-a-Thon! RT@hotmovies4her #
  • Down at SEFC getting up close and personal with Vannie's latest public art addition: "The Birds". Each "25ft tall. #
  • BP Oil does livefeed of their TopKill efforts Meanwhile Fake BP Public Relations Twitter Account a Viral Hit @BPGlobalPR #
  • Lost the entire manuscripts to my novel. *breathe* Still have notes and research so that's something. Not as bad as when my home burned down #
  • F*cking spammers and phishers are breaking the internet… #
  • Canadian film aficianados! Are you hooked up to the Hollywood North Report? #
  • NEWS – MRSA Showing up on Westcoast Beaches – Oil spills and now this. What's the future of our aquatic food? #
  • Why do I tryyyyyyyy???? *grinz* #
  • Back from s set. Mission is faaaar! No time for hellos Johanna… Nap before Martini Monday methinks… Diva's Den reports anyone? #
  • Interesting set. Clear cultural and artistic differences from what Vannies casts and crews know. I am humbled and feel blessed. #
  • Greeeaat… Racism on set. "I really can't be part of this conversation. No. Really. I don't do racist talk". Damn. #
  • I'm beginning to understand why "successful" people are often assholes: there is so little time to achieve their purposes… #
  • On set tmrw shooting the Japanese vampire movie. 8:30am in Mission. No Diva's Den for me tonight. Have fun all, and report back! #
  • Ah Kilgor Trout. Perhaps I just needed to age in order to appreciate your utterings… #

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May 232010
  • Heart of Darkness with Mel Gibson. For the WIN! Strong performances but its the SCRIPT that makes all the difference here. It's like theatre #
  • Anyone got contact info for the rental of the Storyeum? They're on my list of event spaces to investigate. I've left msgs with #W2 .. #
  • It Twitter is good enough for the Dahli Lama… it's good enoigh for me too. Wait. I'm already using it. #
  • Know someone FAB-ulous? ORDER OF BRITISH COLUMBIA – Call for Nominations. Deadline: June 10 Nomination forms at #
  • HAVE YOUR SAY! – The Canada Council for the Arts is developing its strategic plan for 2011-2014 Survey deadline: June 14 #
  • Check your spelling! – Library of Congress Will Save Tweets – #
  • Just arrived at the MVK special general meeting. Hope they're suppling food for this 6pm mtg. Calories make for better decisions #
  • Talent is God-given; be grateful. Fame is man-given; be humble. Conceit is self-given; be careful. #
  • City of Vnaocuver and Squamish Nation sign MOU to build on friendship — We live in interesting times indeed… #
  • YouTube and the new creative class Another articulated shift in the cultural landscape… #
  • Calling "All the Wrinkled Ladies!" Mama loves her a video spoof! #
  • Thank gawd Russel didn't win… #
  • been thinking about you (and your new love – ??) lots… #
  • Play with me: assuming no lies are present (including lies of ommission), are there times when confessions are not the truth? #
  • So many books of restlessness and dissatisfaction… #
  • Hmmm.. Bowls and sishes and pans belonging to other people… Perhaps it's time to have guests again and to have them retrieve. #

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May 162010
  • OMG.. There are the shoes on display. Then there are the shoes on people's feet! Make no mistake men know how to work it too #MOV #
  • Crabbiness gone…. The #MOV Fluevog shoe exhibition is "Shoe PORN". #
  • Mama is CRABBY.. The museum obviousy isn't accustomed to people showing up.. Over full, booze lines not moving, no coatcheck FAIL #
  • Anyone got info – beyond what's online – about the Vancouver 2011 North America Outgames? #
  • DRAT!! I'm going to miss Survivor for a 2nd week in a row. This time it's for the Opening of the MOV's Fluevog Shoe Exhibition #
  • Doxa: The movie is 'Orgasm' the company is the fabulous Spike. Put too much yeast and Spike on the popcorn but I have twizzlers! #
  • Community event & screening "Colour of Beauty" a film about diversity & minority representation in the fashion industry. #
  • Anyone willing to pick up a cute femme tonight from Cambie & 12th and get her out to the MVK special general meeting? Cream puff? #
  • Tonight is the MVK mtg, Thurs is the opening of the MOV's Fluevog shoe exhibition, Saturday is Sub Rosa. I'll be seeing you all? #
  • Note to self: guests at Monday Night Martinis must be vetted through a lens of what has to be accomplished the next day… #
  • April is National (US only?) Poetry Month! Here're poetry contests to celebrate: #
  • Flying Fists: Journal of Asian Writing Art&Culture – Call for Submissions – Fiction Poetry + Nonfiction + Art #

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May 092010
  • Shawna says: the best way to find a hussy costume is to fit yourself into a child size #
  • How annoying… No info seems to be on the island for the Spot Prawn festival. Can someone text me with the info? #
  • The things you learn when you are at your desk! Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal #
  • Hmmmm.. Spot Prawn Festival this Saturday Mama needs her some bottom feeders, Who's coming with? #
  • Join me at for the opening of the Museum of Vancouver's Shoe exhibit May 13th? – Iconic shoe designers bare their soles: #
  • More DIY Oganizing showing up as a theme! Providing a platform for supporters to express their passion on their own terms #NTvan #
  • Online Peer-to-Peer event fundraising. Or maybe just survival. Sarah Hall, Canadian Cancer Society presenting. #NTvan #
  • I'm such a nerd. From an audition to Net Tuesday at Building Opportunities with Business (BoB). Event-based Fundraising! #NTvan #
  • I booked the GIG! YAY me! It feels good to be a working actor again. #
  • Pecha Kucha – It's on speed! May 26th, 7:30pm Who's coming with me? it always sells out. #
  • Open call for all individuals, groups to offer an #arts or cultural activity during Culture Days in your region. #
  • Reminder to all… us to tweet our case. C'mon, #arts orgs–hashtag arts to get the topic trending. Make #arts known! #
  • For those with a SteamPunk fetish… Attend the The Victoria Steam Exposition! Style meets invention: #
  • I love Monday Night Martinis.. Gathering weekly for queer dinner… Particularily nice when the ritual is shared. Guests are good. #
  • Call for entries – $10,000 cash prize!! Fifth annualOmni Television Diversity in Cultures Award. #
  • The nominations for the best in TV and film for British Columbia are in! Visit the Leo Awards website fo more info #
  • Want to play with a local artist/s interested in doing augmented reality art on the videoscreens in downtown Vancouver – #
  • Auditions for Robin Hood, ITSAZOO's summer extravaganza, will be taking place May 16th at Carousel Theatre. #
  • For you LeatherFolk:: what happens when you can't/won't lead? What happens when you can't/won't follow? #
  • URGENT – Anyone available to grab me from city hall area on Tuesday about 2pm, get me to the North Shore and bring me back? #

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May 032010
  • Now what to read? Guess I should concentrate on final details for the Sexy Kinky Sauna party this Friday (the 7th). See you there? #
  • #SubRosa sent me down a rabbit hole that I feel a lack reference points to fully understand. Looking forward to chatting about it. #
  • #SubRosa makes me think about the stoies and lies and myths and tales truths that queers and kinksters wrap around themselves #
  • Reading Amber Dawn's "Sub Rosa". It's like a dark sex-trade fairytale with an underlying mythos that goes in and out of focus. #
  • What an astonishing group of women visual artist to spend the evening singing Karaoke, drinking red wine, laughing to headache… #
  • Being #MVK unConfernce makes me wish I had more stomche for FetLife. I don't know MVK's constituency and that's where they live. #
  • And now… BootBlacking with Jac and Street Paul followed by Female Orgasm then Multiple Male Orgasm. Sessions 30 mins each. #MVK #
  • People love technical education, but I'm always amazed at hopow much folks want to DISCUSS. Now: Edgeplay… #MVK unConference #
  • Gotta love a well-facilitated conversation. The Marmot is goooood. #MVK unConference. #
  • #MVK unConference: current topic… Playing with Triggers by the Marmot. Presenter space still available. # of attendees growing #
  • Hmmm… YOU! Come to the MVK UNconference. Teaching slots still available and the offee is on. Sliding scale makes it affordable #
  • The MVK unConference of Kink is today at 2pm Are you going? Are you teaching (signup for a 30min slot upon arrival)? See ya there! #
  • *smilz* Find a way to give people too much for their money, while making money, and not taking anything away… #
  • Anyone interested in doing the opening night of "Fox, Fluevog & Friends" (shoe pROn!) May 13 at Vancouver Museum? 7pm, $15 #
  • Eurofest… "A celebration of European contributions to our region" (Vannie). It's the CLEAR articulation that facinates me… #
  • Is it me or does everything seem to be happening on May 1st? *sigh*This time last year was the final dash to http://CanadianMayhem #
  • Where does your passion lie? What inspires you to action? What prevents you from expressing your creativity? How can I help? #
  • I didn't know that books on vellum have a demonstrated history of a 1000 yrs… We're in so much trouble… #
  • Oh CBC TV… A comedy spoof of white ppl who can sign up for an "authentic" slave weekend including escape and picking cotton… #
  • My mom… Back in Canada after being away for so long. She needs to be monitored. At 64 she's decided to take up cricket… #

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