Nov 032012

Efforts have been made to help students have a comfortable experience aimed at maximizing their capacity to be fully present while learning and sharing.

Below is a list of considerations. If you have comments, questions, suggestions or concerns, please use the comment section below. We will do what we can for this event and keep it in mind for the future!

In no particular order:

  • Use of a venue that has been positively audited in 2011 by Vancouver’s Radical Accessibility Mapping Project (RAMP). We are confident that this venue meets minimum needs for physical accessibility. View detailed information. NOTE: The audit was kindly performed by a community member using the available template which is now outdated. It is in need of a major overhaul/update to the new template, which makes it easier to read, covers significantly more access points, and is accompanied by an overview for easier digestion of all the data. This requires performing a new audit, which is in future works! Those noticing anything in particular about the space that you think needs attention or which you did not see reflected in the audit,email rampvancouver(at)gmail(dot)com so that it can be sorted as soon as RAMP is able.
  • A dedicated Guest Services staff member will be available at all times to provide information about the event and the City. 
  • Arranging the room classroom style so that persons have tables to use when shifting weight, sitting/rising and a stable surface for writing
  • High top tables near the back (and possibly the sides near the front) for people to have an alternate position location that is also a stable writing surface
  • Plans for “play boxes” at each table for people who are kinesthetic learners. Including: coloured pencils, random tiny toys and fiddley things… and a bit of lego! Suggestions around executing this of particular interest.
  • A puzzle/lego table for folks who need a focussed personsal activity to help with social anxiety.
  • Considerations around specific food allergies (strawberries, shellfish), gluten intolerances and vegetarianism. Recently, lactose and nightshade have been added to this list. Attendees for the full weekend will be polled for a final list in order to accomodate their three-day food needs as much as possible. 
  • Large print handouts from the presenters
  • A wall schedule for those who may have difficulty with the one printed in the Intensive brochure.
  • Access to a hotel room (via the Guest Services volunteer) for those who need to remove themselves from the space or might need to rest.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast and breaktime snacks to ensure participants are well hydrated and blood sugars are as level as possible.
  • The addition of a low-cost evening event (Radical Relationships – An evening with Lee Harrington & Mollena Williamsthat will allow those with limited funds or time to connect with community and learn.

I regret that it is not possible for me to hire sign language interpreters, or to avoid the use of the Atrium which has hard surfaces that may pose difficulties with aural processing.

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