Jul 272009

So much I could say about the week that has gone by… Really. And then I look at my tweets for a week. What caught my eye, what I had time to toss out to the world. And I think to myself… My mind is actually a lot like my desk. Which is to say over flowing onto the floor with all kinds of disparate bits and pieces.

D/s (a favorite topic of mine), technology, queerness, human rights, event promotion, advocacy, and whimsy. Thanks twitter. Now the rest of the world gets a taste of the buffet in my brain.

  • Protocol Dinner: What’s the protocol when presented with a big glass of moonshine & absinthe chaser? Damned my capacity for alcohol anyway.
  • Was the first lunar landing really 20 years ago today? How much longer until a Star Trek world is realized? What do you dream of?
  • Butch-Femme.com is running out of money. $750 owed for June and $2000 for July. Find value in them? Consider donating http://is.gd/1GiN3.
  • Ten Things You Need to Know to Live on the Streets: http://short.to/k936. Good lord. So much missing from this list. What would you add?
  • No $$ for a Montreal Queer Festival? http://bit.ly/rWKe1 Feels like there is a pattern: bit.ly/N4VDp. Then again, maybe I’m paranoid
  • Got a Twitter account? In honour of Pride 2009 I ask: How gay are your tweets? http://bit.ly/uQLPk
  • Talking to the hotel that hosted the Mayhem leather weekend http://bit.ly/N6noW about more events in 2009 & 2010. Watch my blog for details.
  • Andrea Zanin (http://SexGeek.com) on women’s bathouses for Outlooks Magazine http://bit.ly/sIbcU. She included mine as one of 3 in Canada!
  • Do you like giant creampuffs the size of your fist? Talk to James at Beard Papa’s in City Square Mall. Tell ’em Kona sent ya. YUM!
  • Saturday is Vancouver’s Picnic in the Park celebrating Pride. Stanley Park 11am – 6pm. Wanna form a posse and go take up space?
  • Whistler welcomes GLBT community to the 2010 Olympics with Pride House: http://bit.ly/W6HzO Tell me: what is the cultural community doing?
  • People! The LeatherDyke picnic is holiday Monday. The Vancouver Pride Society picnic is in Stanley Park tmrw (Saturday). Wanna?

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  1. love your website!!!

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