A full weekend of advanced education and exploration of consensual power dynamics and the non-technical aspects of Leather Life. ENROLL NOW. Seats are limited to 60 people including staff.

2012 Schedule

Dare to think smart about your sex in 2012. NubianImp Projects  - Providing forums for advanced education communication and celebration. | 8th Annual Sexy Sauna & Kinky BathHouse: April 21th. A hawt sweaty time for Women and Transfolk (and B-day party for !Kona and Elaine)  | 3rd Annual D/s Education Intensive: November 16th - 18th. A weekend of Leather?Heart, Spirit & Mind with Master Skip Chasey & slave Rick | D/s Discussion/salons: May 27th, Sept. 30th, Nov. 25th A queer conversation series about consensual power dynamics and non-technical aspects of Leathersubject to change ~ last updated March 2012


Since 2006 I’ve been working with an AMAZING group of dykes to put on some of the hottest parties in the queer scene of Vancouver. Sex-positive, kink-focused queers. YUM. In 2009 we mounted the first Women’s BDSM conference in Vancouver since 1993. It was an incredible success.  The next event of its kind will be Spring 2013. More information >>

The QueeriodicTable.com - a compedium of queers based on the periodic table

Perverting the Periodic : The Queeriodic Table

The Queeriodic Table is an Nerdy Art Project by the Imp and JenCrothers.com that attempts to capture the the elements that make up queer community in periodic table form. It’s evolving and we value input. Since created in the Fall of 2010, it has been seen at several events including Pride in Art: Queer Arts Festival, Out on Screen Queer Film Festival and by special invitation at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.